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Immediately schedule an appointment with your dentists as soon as you can to find out what is causing your toothache. Many people, unfortunately, experience a toothache in the late evening or early morning when the dentist’s office is not open. It has been said that you can relieve some discomfort by placing clove oil, using a q-tip, on the tooth which acts as a natural sedative for the throbbing nerve inside of your tooth.

After you have a tooth pulled or extracted, your blood will clot in the hole to protect your bone tissue and aid in healing. If the clot doesn’t for properly your bone tissue can be exposed to air and debris which will cause it to dry out and form a ‘dry socket’. This very painful socket needs to be treated immediately to prevent further complications.

The bottom line is that you should use a toothpaste with fluoride and the least amount of chemicals. Talk with your hygienist to see what’s right for you.

A Dental implant is used to replace teeth and in some cases it is a small screw placed in your jawbone.

X-rays should be taken yearly however some patients will require it be done more frequently for a host of reasons including treatment, nutrition, hygiene and other health issues.

This procedure involves the removal of the nerve inside a tooth. When a root dies it needs to be removed from inside the tooth to treat infection and as preventative maintenance. Read more about Root Canals in

A majority of dental insurance plans have a missing tooth clause that stipulates that they will not pay for a procedure that replaces a missing tooth prior to the effective date of when the insurance coverage came into effect.

Read more about this topic in our new page aboutYour Child’s First Visit 1000 days old (3 months before their 3rd birthday) : meet first to the dentist on their 3rd birthday with mom and dad; and also see Do’s and Don’ts as suggestions for parents.

It is risky to go without dental insurance, although so many Americans do without it due to coverage restraints or budgetary limitations. Open a discussion with your dentist to see if a payment arrangement – payment is due at the time service is rendered ; payment options to ensure that your dental treatment is affordable; cash, check or credit, can be worked out for your situation. There are resources available in the State of Delaware to help!

While at the drugstore you will find an array of teeth whitening products, you should first know that purchasing a whitening product may not the best or quickest solution. You should be aware of the foods you are eating and the medications you are currently on that could affect the color of your teeth. There are risks and benefits to using over the counter products on your teeth so schedule an appointment with our office for an examination, cleaning and review of the procedures and options best available to you personally.

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