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Whatever your dental needs, rest assured that we will provide dental care using the most advanced technology, and at the same time incorporating a rigid sterilization policy. We also give the gentle process of ultrasonic gum and teeth cleaning for added comfort to our patients. Additionally, we use composite, non-toxic materials in our fillings, and bio-compatible materials in root canals for durability and safety.

Aesthetic & Implant dentistry

Dental implants are anchored in the jaw bone, and replacement teeth are permanently secured upon them. The implants are exposed by removing gum tissue, and teeth are placed.

Endodontics & Microsurgery Root Canal dentistry

Sequence of treatment for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated tooth for future microbial invasion. Our mini-implant systems consist of miniature titanium implants that act like the root of the tooth and a retaining fixture incorporated into the crown and bridges.

Orthodontic Specialist

The virtually invisible aligners gradually reposition your teeth into a smile you’ll be proud of.

General and restorative dentistry

ith a single session of tooth bonding, you can have an improved smile and even eliminate the need for the more rigorous orthodontic treatment. This procedure makes your smile more symmetrical and space-free via composite fillings, or inlay and onlay restorations for large cavities.

Periodontal (gum and bone) surgery

Here, gums are as important as the teeth. Our periodontic treatments are comprehensive, with our specialized dentists providing patients the best procedures and solutions, effective medication and guidelines, and thorough follow-ups.

Porcelain veneers and restorations

A thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or protect a damaged tooth surface.

Rembrandt teeth whitening

In just 2-hour treatment, expect a visibly whiter teeth using the doctors’ recommended, Rembrandth. Now, you can show off your great smile with confidence.

Trauma related and dental emergency

If you have a dental emergency that involves trauma to your teeth, don’t panic. Go directly to our clinic and we will evaluate the your problem and provide the necessary treatments with utmost care.

TMJ / TMD related treatment

EnhanceDentist has its own TMJ center, complete with advance diagnostic and treatment facilities to give patients all the help and improvement that they need.

Consultation and 2nd opinions

We focus on patient care. We listen to their dental problems before we deliver the necessary treatment without compromising our patients’ health.

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